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The Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2018, against sexism

The festival will open to the general public from 25th to 27th January.

LA SIDRA.- Sexism has been a hot topic in many sectors recently, and the beverage industry is no exception.

Campaigns are aimed at promoting and supporting the women who work in the industry. And this year, the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival is holding its first debate dedicated to the issue at its trade session on 24th January.

Under the name “Sexism is bad for business. What are we going to do about it?” the discussion will be led by experts who think passive solutions are not working so it is time to take positive action. They want to see some practical and realistic ideas on how to eradicate sexist attitudes, imagery and branding, as soon as possible.

Fans of cider and perry will gather in Manchester to try up to 77 ciders and 26 perries from 63 differente producers.

The full list of ciders and perries can be viewed at

Cider & Perry

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