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Perry cider tasting from the Cider Club

Next Thursday, December 12, the Cider Club will conduct a guided perada tasting by the specialist Manuel G Busto

LA CIDER.- The tasting will take place at the premises of the magazine LA SIDRA (Prendes Pando 11 under right), starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday, December 12, will cost € 10 – from € 5 for members of the Cider Club- and it will proceed to the test of:

  • Verde Espera. Harvest 2018 of this perry made from the well-known pear Ercolina D.O. Jumilla, Murcia by the cider mill Bodegas Villa Elena.
  • Délice de Poire. From the French cider mill Ecusson, winner in 2018/2019 of the SISGA Awards.
  • Exibatur Mostbaron. From the Austrian Mostbarons cider mill, Premiu SISGA’17
  • L’Atypique. From the Norman cider mill of the same name.

The number of places is limited and in strict order of registration, which must be done through

Although Spanish legislation does not contemplate the existence of pear cider – at the international level it is a generalized term -, the truth is that pear cider, or perry, is a traditional product in Asturies that Pinio the Elder already records ( year 23 of our era) that was consumed by the Asturians and that continued to occur until today. Official drink of the Asturian Army of the Xunta Suprema d’Asturies in 1808 and whose consumption was decreasing little by little, until a few years ago the cider mill Viuda de Angelón to produce his Perry Cider, which he left motivated by the Spanish legal obstacles.

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