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The Apple Festival begins

Villaviciosa starts the activities today, the proclamation will be in charge of the designer Mónica Cordera.

THE CIDER.- One of the novelties of the present edition of the Apple Festival of Villaviciosa will be the recovery of the proclamation at the opening, as was done at the origins of the festival in 1960, at the Riera Theater.

It will be at 7:30 p.m. and will serve to present the queens and kings of the festival, which were chosen at the past Fiestas  del Portal. “It has opted for an innovative act that will feature the presentation of the magician, José Armas that will offer a magic show,‘ Magic with apples. ” You can also enjoy in the musical section of the Bagpipe Band of Villaviciosa-El Gaitero ”have indicated from the town hall.

For the proclamation, the young  designer from Villaviciosa, Mónica Cordera Rodríguez, has been chosen. Born in Niévares in 1986, she has a degree in Design and Fashion from the “Felicidad Duce” School, and at 33 she has managed to gain a foothold in that difficult world.

In addition, tomorrow at 11:00 will be the official opening of the XXXIV exhibition of table apple and cider of Asturies where the best fruits of the region will be chosen. Half an hour later there will be a tasting of the ciders attached to the PDO Cider of Asturies and the round table Women in the world of the apple, with the presence of professionals linked to the sector.

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