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Sansidra, the star cocktail to refresh the summer

At Bodegas Mayador they are very aware of the need for innovation and the versatility of current markets, so this season they have decided to present a novel product that will not go unnoticed, Sansidra, the refreshing cocktail made from cider and citrus.

THE CIDER.- Sansidra looks a friendly and refreshing image, evoking through its red bottle, the joy and fun of sharing this great product with all the people.

Characteristic for its good reception thanks to its sweet taste and low alcohol content, which allow this cider cocktail to be linked with any combination and above all a good company.

Sansidra, displays all its flavor served very cold and with pieces of fruit, allowing to identify its peculiar fruity flavor and making it an irresistible drink at any table.

This summer it will not be surprising to find on the table or on the supermarket shelf, a red bottle full of colors, ask for it, the moment you try it you will realize that it is Sansidra.

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