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Opening of Casa Rober Cider Bar

This cider bar, which opened its doors in May in the Nuevo Roces neighborhood of Xixón, wants to follow the line that has given its owner, Costel Tudor, such good results in his other hotel business located in Cimavilla, betting on a traditional cuisine and quality.

The cider bar, run by Costel Tudor, wanted to entertain its customers with a great evening, enlivened by the bagpipes, in which a wide variety of hot and cold snacks were served, and of course, ham. The opening was attended by many local residents, friends and customers of the other place he has managed successfully for more than seven years in Cimavilla, in one of the corners of Arturo Arias square, in front of the old tobacco factory.

To accompany the dishes you can never miss the cider, in this case, that of Menéndez, offering his natural cider, his PDO, Val d’Ornón and Llagar de Quintana. Knowing the importance that, increasingly, customers give to cider, her it is well served at its optimum temperature, take care of and pouredm except in the dining room, both in the cider bar area and in its very large closed terrace, ideal for any season. Casa Rober has arrived in Nuevo Roces to stay.


CASA ROBER. Avda. de Roces, 920. Xixón T.  984 058 730

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