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Asturcelt pork stewed in cider

It is prepared and packaged by ASTURSabor following a traditional recipe, without any preservatives and is gluten free; In addition, it should be noted that the meat has the 100% Native Race seal and that the company is protected by the quality brand Food of Natural Paradise

THE CIDER.- “They are my grandmother’s recipes, traditional elaborations in glass jars or in a can. You open, heat and eat. They carry neither preservatives nor gluten. They are totally natural. And when the tests, they know the stews of a lifetime, because that is what they are. ” This is how Judith Naves Morán, founder of ASTURSabor, a company that has been in the market for five years, defines its products.

Among their products they offer Gochu Asturcelta stewed with cider. From this it should be noted that it is prepared following the recipe of Judith’s grandmother, Fina, who cooked it with our most traditional drink. “This is how I cooked it in the restaurant for many years, what we did was adapt the recipe a bit and I can say that it is one of the star dishes. It works luxury, wonderful and we also use Alonso cider, ”he explains.

As for the raw material, from the company they point out: “the animals are raised with breast milk and extensively in the Asturian fields. They eat roots and fruits of the trees. Its meat has large amounts of Omega 3, a differential value. The recovery of this 100% Asturian native breed has been carried out by the Association of Breeders of Gochu Asturcelta (ACGA) ”. It should be noted that both the gochu and the Veal Asturiana de los Valles have the 100% Native Breed seal granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 

In addition ASTURSabor offers dishes such as Cangas Potro Asturcón, IGP Veal of Valles Asturian, PGI Asturian Veal stewed with beer, Corderu Xaldu stew with patatinos, Cabritu Bermeyu Stew or Pitu Caleya.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this company is not only dedicated to processing and packaging. It is present at each stage of the product. From the beginning they started to raise, first sheep xaldas and now they are with IGP Mountain Asturian Veal. “We do everything in the old way, animals are in full freedom, we do not use feed, graze and keep in the bush. All handling is traditional, ”explains Judith. And it must also be said that they have a catering service. “We are in all lines: primary, secondary and tertiary” concludes the young businesswoman.


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