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Sidra, cider and soft drinks

Recently, new kinds of cider are emerging in our market, including some multinational industries whose manufacturers do not use the Asturian term of sidra but cider to distinguish them from natural and traditional ciders because their making is not typical of a traditional cider.

THE CIDER.- In some previous articles we had already spoken about the bet that different companies in the field of beer and wine are doing to get into the world of cider and we mentioned some cases such as García Carrión Wines (Don Simón wine) that has been around for years with the cider of its brand Don Simon in the market, and also that of the brewing multinational Heineken, which is the largest cider maker in the United Kingdom.

In this sense, we bring the case of the campaigns that are lately being made by Heineken and Coca-Cola companies for the refreshing cider Apple Thief and the apple drink, of South African origin, Appletiser.

To understand the importance of these new investments in cider and apple drinks by large corporations we hav to remark that companies of this type have numerous brands in the markets of the British Isles, Nordic countries and Central Europe, in addition to others countries such as Belgium, Holland and Italy.

* Donato Xuaquín Villoria


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