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LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, ambassadors of the Asturian Cider Culture

In addition, 132 other people and entities were named, in an act of presentation and espicha in the Llagar de Trabanco Sariegu


LA SIDRA.- 134 people and entities have been named the first ambassadors of the candidacy of the Asturian Sidrera Culture for its recognition as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Among them, the magazine LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation. The presentation and delivery of the signature book took place in the village of Trabanco, in Sariegu, attended by hundreds of people related to the entire cider chain, from growers to processors, hoteliers, pourers, media of communication, bloggers and promoters of our most emblematic product. The main functions of the ambassadors will be to gather accessions to the initiative through the management of a book of signatures of support.

A web page has also been created ( in which the support for the candidacy is collected, which in a few days has added more than 2 thousand rubrics in different parts of the territory. The ambassadors will also be in charge of coordinating with associations or entities for the collection of supports, the distribution of badges in catering establishments and shops and the dissemination of informative and promotional materials.

The Minister of Rural Development and Natural Resources, María Jesús Álvarez, participated in the presentation of the candidacy; the journalist David Fernández-Prada, of Gustatio; and Tino Cortina, president of the CR DOP Sidra de Asturies who said: “we must also say that before reaching UNESCO the candidacy must pass the national filter. Since Spain can submit a candidacy every two years. The Asturians, who once again demonstrate unconditional solidarity, we must on this occasion, ask the favor of our neighbors who do not expect less for this cause. Our apples, our pumradas, our landscape, our pouring, our bottle, our espichas, our chigres, our amagüestos, our festivals, need the unanimous support of the Asturian people and all those who, without being Asturian, love our land and our custom cider, and everything for future generations to enjoy, as we do today of this patrimonial recipe. It is a matter of conviction and decision, that we do not miss this moment “.

For her part, the councilor pointed out that a “formidable support machinery” was set in motion to put the candidacy to a successful conclusion “. The project, he warned, “is a complicated challenge” but added that the Asturians “have never had the easy things” and that “we will work tirelessly to take the proposal to the National Heritage Commission and, after passing this cut, We will arrive to Unesco. “Later on, the presentation of the accrediting diplomas and signatures book to collect support was given. There was a first section for the media, and later, each city council, proposed to its ambassador or ambassador by giving the representatives of the council itself, the ‘kit’ of Asturian Culture Sidrera. In the case of the Foundation, Asturies XXI, it was the municipality of Xixón that proposed it.


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