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Jugs, zapica, glasses

Jugs, zapica, glasses …

The ethnographic capital that old photos represent is still to be exploited, despite the many possibilities it offers. The Asturies XXI Foundation is working on a cider photo library project.

THE CIDER.- In the photograph that we attach, the work of Joaquín García Cuesta (1885-1958), made in 1930 in a place in Carrandi, Colunga, we can see three people sitting drinking cider from an individual pitcher, a woman with zapica (traditional Asturian cider jug), three others standing with a glass of cider and / or a jug, and in the middle of the photo a countryman pouring cider from the jug into a glass, which seems to be avaricious, from a distance of approximately half a meter.

Seeing that the sore is full of apples, we can calculate that the photography is made in the fall, and surely there will be someone who can draw conclusions from the pipes and vats to collect the cider … apart from many other issues, such as clothing, in which the beret they wear draws attention.

The photograph is part of the Fototeca d’Asturies. Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies, a large part of whose funds can be found on the internet

The Asturies XXI Foundation is working on a cider photo library project, if you are interested, you can contact them at

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