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Traceability of the Cider of Asturies PDO

The collaborative project between the COP and the CTIC achieves through Blockchain technology to develop a public traceability system for the Cider of Asturias PDO

THE CIDER.- Knowing the traceability of Asturian cider is already a reality, having expanded information on the origin and the process followed to prepare ciders marketed under the collaborating brands in the project with the Foundation Information and Communication Technology Center ( CTIC): Val de Boides, Val d’Ornón and Menéndez Ecológica.

Thanks to this, the client will be able to access this information through an application that can be reached:

Entering address
Scanning the QR code that appears on the commercial labels of the collaborating brands Val de Boides, Val d’Ornón and Menéndez Ecológico

Once on the original screen, enter the number that appears in the official seal of the Regulatory Council that is attached to the bottle. After entering this number, the user has to trace the “see trace” button and the application will show him all the information about the cider, the origin of the apple, the varieties used, tasting notes, marketing batch and other key data regarding to the elaboration process followed.

Through this project, the Regulatory Council in collaboration with the CTIC Technological Center reinforces its commitment to renewal linked to the elaboration of the PDO Sidre de Asturias under whose name the cider with a guarantee of origin and quality produced in Asturias is identified.

The general objectives of the project are:

Establish security and trust in the traceability of the PDO Sidre de Asturias through globally accepted systems.
Introduce people to products and services of a technological nature that improve their image and competitiveness in the market.
Increase customer confidence by offering them expanded information on the origin and process followed by the products they consume

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