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Heritage ciders at CiderCon 2018

United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) is making a big bet on the emergence of heritage ciders.

LA SIDRA.- The USACM is an organization of cider and perry producers in the United States whose mission is to grow a diverse and successful U.S. cider industry by providing valuable information, resources and services to their member and by advocating on their behalf.

Their  programs this year, which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, between 30th January and 2nd February, fall into three categories, education, advocacy and membership, and they  strive to complement their partners working at regional levels.

CiderCon was created to effect positive changes in cider making, cider fruit production, the cider market and cider regulations. It’s an opportunity for the cider community to gather, share ideas, collaborate and learn. CiderCon allows cider producers to meet their industry colleagues to exchange ideas on best practices, innovations and trends. The discussions that take place at CiderCon provide a foundation of strength and diversity for the industry.

At CiderCon 2018, heritage ciders will be showcased with a schedule of panels and presentations from some of the most passionate and experienced leaders in heritage cider making, including Ryan Burk, Ian Merwin, Eleanor Léger and Tom Oliver.

Heritage ciders are ciders made from multi-use or cider-specific apples including bittersweet, bittersharp, heirloom varieties and sometimes wild or crab apples.

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