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How about one for the road?

The XXI century rogue cider which can be tasted in Madrid.

LA SIDRA.- Such a popular expression like “Let’s have one for the road!” (or, in this case, one before the last one, “la penultima”) has already become a reality in the shape of a bottle of cider.

Cider is the trendy beverage, the only one whose consumption has increased in the last years, especially among young people. And this is the idea which cider La Penultima presents in Madrid.

La Penultima is a natural cider that uses apples from small producers in the Asturian mining area, and it is elaborated by expert cidermakers. It is made in the traditional, natural way, respectful with the environment and without added sugar.

It is defined as a joyful, young and friendly bet so that cider floods the bars in the capital city, a rogue cider to be enjoyed and shared, strengthening ties of friendship and forgetting about the problems.

Their motto? “Drink cider, save water”.

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Born in Xixón, Asturies, in 1973, I studied English Philology at the Universities of Oviedo and Bradford (UK). I've worked as an English teacher, guide, interpreter and translator. I'm very keen on cider and good cuisine. Follow me on the website

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