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DOP Cider of Asturias breaks a new record in 2017, after increasing the sales by 14% over 2016

The increasing by 20% in sparkling natural cider DOP sales also stands out.

LA SIDRA.- The DOP Cider of Asturias sales set a new record in 2017, exceeding in 14% the ones obtained the year before. This rise shows the increasing interest of the consumer in DOP Cider of Asturias. In particular, 2,170,500 back labels were handed in 2017, compared with the 1,905,000 handed in 2016, which means a rise of 265,000 warranty seals (14%).

The sparkling natural cider under the Certificate of Origin also reached a significant increase, with a sale rise of 20% compared with the previous year.
During the 2017 campaign, 6,926,863 kilos of Asturian apples were used to make certificated DOP cider, and the potential amount of certificated litres for the 2017 harvest will be 5,200,000.

DOP ciders can be found in the market in three different varieties. On the one hand, there is the natural cider for pouring, the most traditional and well-known in our region; on the other hand, the new expression natural cider (filtered) which is not poured; and lastly, the sparkling natural cider, which has to be served in a flute glass to keep the endogenous carbon dioxide and taste.
This third variety shows that tradition is not at odds with innovation, obtaining a sofisticated product from a traditional one.

Daniel Ruiz, DOP Cider of Asturias manager, assess these results:

How do you feel about this dramatic sales rising?
Very happy, because it means a historical record and a guarantee that DOP cider is being consolidated, as we have reached a double digit for the second consecutive year (last year, the sales increased by 10%). And the certainty that the consumer demands a higher quality. A clear example is the nearly 2,200,000 back labels this year.

What do you think it is the reason for this consumption increase?
It is due to several factors. First, is that the consumers decide to choose a quality product, as they know what they are drinking. Second, marketing actions are proving succesful. And last, but not least, the intense communication by the Regulatory Council. All this constitutes a Caín process which generates such positive outcome.

What are the future challenges?
First, reinforcing the “Cider of Asturias” brand position, which makes consumption less confusing. This is duet to the Certificate of Quality and Origin, based on thorough checks, which other ciders lack, to ensure the usage of 100% Asturian apples.
And, on the other hand, to continue growing not only locally, but opening new markets a national level.

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