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Cider with Asturian apple

Apple harvesters, protagonists of the DOP Sidre d’Asturies summer promotional campaign.

THE CIDER.- Yesterday the summer promotional campaign was presented, promoted by the Regulatory Council of the PDO Sidra de Asturies, directed this time to the promotion of natural cider where the consumption of 100% Asturian cider is encouraged.

The campaign for the promotion of the Asturian Cider (PDO) gives voice to the protagonists of the rural world: the Asturian cider apple harvesters. Through its image, the Regulatory Council appeals to the responsibility of the consumer in its choice of the ciders that it demands, informing them about the importance that consuming ciders made with 100% Asturian apples has for the Asturian field in general. To this end, the campaign is committed to maintaining the cultural practices associated with apple production, the conservation of our landscape, in short, a return to the origin.

Luis Arrontes, responsible for the design of the campaign (Arrontes & Barrera) stated “that we must give importance to what is essential”, therefore, the chosen campaign slogan was a direct message “the cider, with Asturian apple”, and in which the production of the same was developed in “a very intimate day with the producers, using the same background and everything shot in a pumarada de Grau”. He added that “the detail of the hands holding the apples, reinforce that artisan origin, tradition and of great value that we have in Asturies”.

For his part, Pilar de la Cuesta, responsible for the media promotion campaign (Impact 5), explained the planned schedule and the commitment to foreign media, since the time has come to be able to leave, “and all those who be on the street get excited and want to take the culín in the windlass ”. The chosen physical supports are mupis and canopies in Uviéu, Xixón, Villaviciosa, spots on radio stations in the country, advertisements in the Asturian press, television, social networks and buses in the eastern and western areas, Cangues d’Onís and Llanes.

Daniel Ruiz, Manager of the PDO Sidra de Asturies, concluded that “we wanted to reflect the profile of our harvesters, without forgetting the second generations that show us the future of the pumadas de Asturies through the DOP”, “We must remember By asking for CIDER OF ASTURIES (DOP) we are helping growers such as Lisardo, Cesáreo, Pilar or Belén, (protagonists of the campaign) who represent the more than 350 growers attached to the DOP who have chosen apple production as their way of life. Asturian destined to elaborate the covered products.


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