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Cider bars reopen!

Cider bars open!With the start of the “de-escalation” there is already a date for the opening of the cider bars.

THE CIDER.- It seemed impossible, but it seems that the time has finally come to reopen the cider bars and start the cider cycle with all the desire in the world. It is true that up to now both the llagares and the cider shops have made an effort to move their product and serve customers at home, but there is nothing like the atmosphere of a cider bar to enjoy one hundred percent of the cider.In the plan presented by the central government, it is proposed that the initial phase or phase 1, which will begin on May 11, will open the terraces, with a capacity limit of 30% and with preferential hours for older people … a complicated phase, in which picnic areas will be the best unemployed due to their “terraces” and greater capacity, but which will make it very difficult to open to many cider shops.

In the intermediate phase or phase 2 that would begin on May 25, the interior space will be opened in the catering areas, although only for table service and with 30% capacity limitations, in addition to the security measures that are enabled at effect.Finally, in the advanced phase or phase 3, the last one before recovering the “new normality”, it would begin on June 9, the capacity in the restoration will be limited to 50%, while maintaining the minimum distance of two meters.It is not, of course, the ideal situation that we would like, but it seems that everything tends to normality, and it is to be hoped that gradually we will recover.

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