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Asturies competes today in Madrid Fusión in the contest of the Best Croquette in the World

Álex Sampedro, from the  restaurant El Recetario from Xixón, will cook the traditional tapa with Jamón Joselito; and Isaac Loya will give a workshop on fish processing techniques.

THE CIDER.- The 5th Joselito International Champion is being searched for the Best Ham Croquette in the World that takes place today at Madrid Fusión at 3:30 p.m. Álex Sampedro, from El Recetario restaurant located in Xixón, has been chosen by the management of the gastronomic summit to compete with 5 other chefs from Madrid, Alicante, Cantabria, Zaragoza and Toledo.

“My croquette does not have anything special, but it is made with an ‘old’ recipe and what we do is to work a lot, a lot, a lot of the béchamel to make it very creamy and a very fine, crispy overflow, a good frying. But in truth it does not have any special secret, we do not use jellies, we only use butter because we think, for my taste, that it is better for the croquette. It is rich, traditional and with the bechamel very well worked “has indicated for this magazine Sampedro in Madrid Fusion. Much success!

On the other hand, the stands of El Gaitero, cod El Barquero, Toscaf and the ‘Alimentos del Paraíso’ of Asturies continue to offer their products to congress attendees. In addition, today chef Isaac Loya will offer a workshop on “Fish Treatment Techniques” organized by Turismo de Asturies. Fifty people will be able to enjoy this workshop that will be held in a special room of the Palacio de Congresos and will take place at 6:00 p.m. It will be one of the last activities of the congress, which at eight o’clock in the afternoon will close its doors until next year.

* Photography, María Jesús Álvarez and María Jesús Aguilar, counselor and general director of Rural Development; and chef Isaac Loya.

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