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Leader article LA SIDRA 182 (February’19)

Leader article

The response of the recently appointed ambassadors of the candidacy of Asturian cider culture as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, and of Asturian society in general, has surpassed any quantitative and qualitative forecast; and makes all the Asturians unquestionable protagonists of what is a motivating and exciting project.

However, we must be aware that we are facing a process of indeterminate duration, which in the best of cases -that is, that the “Principality” will come to present the candidacy- will require a strong defense and political support, since In the long period of non-compliance and delays in the submission of this application, hundreds of proposals have been advanced, and the requirements to be met have been tightened.

And that is where the weaknesses of the project can arise, because popular support, however impressive it may be, is very difficult to maintain if a time horizon is not specified, and if there is no clearly structured planning and program. Goodwill alone has a limited scope; it is the Administration that has to lead this process on all fronts, if what is really sought is to achieve the objective.

For that reason, that it is presented by a government that has only two months left with some political perspectives for Asturies uncertain, generates some concern. The new government that leaves the polls at the end of May will have a great responsibility: not to disappoint the expectations of the entire Asturian society and to commit itself firmly to the candidacy.

In another order of things, we must underline the prominent role of Asturian cider in FITUR, a true example of what its presence should be in similar events, as well as -at another level- is happening with SALENOR. Likewise, the awards ceremony of the Semeyes Contest LA SIDRA in its twelfth edition, has been an exhibition of the potential and internationalization of our cider culture; and the same can be said of the Xornaes de la Sidre in Ribeseya, an authentic focus of deepening and disseminating the Asturian culture of cider.

For the rest, the cider continues to advance in the llagares, and immediately we will be able to count on the first ciders, of which to be able to enjoy as they deserve in the First Sidre l’Añu, which as usual will be celebrated in Xixón during Easter.


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