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A route? The local Nava Trail, a terrace? La Naveta

The coronavirus crisis has caused us, in most cases, to opt for eating on terraces. Let’s see, in agreement that this is not typical of security measures, with good weather it is logical that we want to spend our leisure time outdoors. What we like to sunbathe for vitamin D! However, what this social health crisis is causing is that we look for more inland tourism activities. In the last few months, hiking within the country itself has increased. It is one of the safest activities, which can be done with a partner, friends or the whole family; and that it also comes in handy after a long confinement. And is there anything better than after walking, going up and down, we can sit in one of the fantastic places we have in Asturies to have a drink?

So from here we recommend a weekend plan. Nava is a beautiful council, which surprises those who have not visited it before. If we want to walk a bit, we can walk the so-called ‘Nava local trail’. Seven kilometer circular route with a difference of 150 meters in which the views are beautiful.

And when we get back to the villa, the La Naveta cider bar is a great option. Here we find ciders from all over the world, but not natural cider, that is, not cider poured. In their offer, they offer sparkling, semi-dry, fruity, flavored ciders, from a bottle, from a can, from ice, from a new expression … The range is immense. Apart from the fact that they also have their own production: La Naveta Roxa and Naveta Brut, highly awarded in different competitions in the country. To taste them, Ana and Ricardo welcome us on a spacious sunny terrace, which also has covered areas, to spend a more than pleasant afternoon or evening. Music is another success.

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