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Aid to combat biannualism

The funds are associated to the experimental plan to control the production that is carried out in collaboration with the PDO Sidra de Asturies

LA SIDRA.- The fight against biannualism is one of the main objectives of the cider sector so that Asturies’ most identitary product can be made with an indigenous apple. This is one of the reasons why the Asturian government has granted 149,276 euros in aid to combat the biannualism of apple trees to 80 producers, who will carry out treatments on almost 239 hectares divided into 28 councils. The funds are associated with the experimental program for the control of production and respond to the agreements adopted in the Table of the Apple.

This initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Regulating Council of the PDO Sidra de Asturies, an entity that manages both the request and the economic aid to apply the measures in the farms of the producers. The aid aims to balance the production of apples in even and odd years through actions based on proven cultural practices, such as thinning, to combat crop alternation.

This aid is aimed at the growers interested in stabilizing their production, so they can establish purchase agreements with the cidermakers, in such a way that the apple produced in Asturias supposes a solution for the sector.
Of the 336 producers registered in the PDO, 87 have requested funds and, of these, seven have not met the minimum requirements. The producers who requested the aid receive a maximum of 700 euros per hectare and 3,500 euros per owner, with a maximum area of ​​five hectares.

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