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The Serondaya Cultural Association prepares for its party

It will take place from October 25 to 27, chestnuts will be roasted and cider will be roasted; besides that this year Víctor Manuel will perform

THE CIDER.- In this edition the association has important news for the party. On Friday 25, he will deliver the 2019 Culture Award to the ‘Gijón Cultural Society’, as well as the awards of the IV Photography Contest, and will pay tribute to the drummer Andresin de Insiertu, who will be accompanied by the best pipers and drummers in Asturias. Starting at 6:00 p.m. they will roast the chestnuts and graze the apple. “Chestnuts and sweet cider free for everyone!” ensure from the association.

On Saturday 26, during the vermouth session the effort will take place, with the Ruxidera group and from 20:00 hours the X anniversary of the Bakery Concerts will be celebrated. As for live music, Chus Pedro and Gabino Antuña, Anabel Santiago, Sara Cangas, Fernando Vallerroso, Mapi Quintana, Helena Gil and Pablo Jonte, Maxi Areñes con Fontoria, Berto Varillas, Fran Juesas, Jorge Maojo and Triceps have confirmed their attendance . To emphasize that at eleven o’clock at night will begin the concert of Victor Manuel. This will take place in a meadow space of La Vega de Cenera of 6,000 square meters, and the only entrance will be through Recaxuelo (at the beginning of the recreational area path). The parking will be in Suecueto, El Llerón and there will also be special buses from Mieres and Turón, round trip. The city council will account for frequencies and schedules.

On Sunday 27, as every year, the brotherhood meal of the partners will be celebrated with the traditional bean stew. The photographs of the contest will be auctioned and will be counted, as every year, with the presence on stage of accordionist Javier Valdés.

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