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Asturian cider will be in Madrid Fusión and in Enofusión

Trabanco cider will welcome the visitors at the stand of Xixón’s City Hall, the DOP “Cider of Asturies” will have a stand as well as El Gaitero, presenting their cider pairings and LA SIDRA will cover the event.

THE CIDER.- The attendees to Madrid Fusión on next Monday will be welcomed with a cider glass by Trabanco Cider, present also with their brut nature Poma Aurea at Xixón’s City Hall stand “Gastronomic Xixón”.


On the other hand El Gaitero will be also present with its most special products the three days of the convention, from 12 to 14 hours will display the versatility of their ciders through original pairings.


Likewise the DOP “Cider of ASturies” will actively participate with its own stand in their stand at Enofusión, where they will show the best oenologists, sommeliers, distributors, innkeepers, chefts and specialized press and gastronomes that cider is trending product and that those under the DOP Cider of Asturies are between the best of the world.

Moreover, LA SIDRA will have a correspondent at the event,Estíbaliz Urquiola, who will cover the main news both in as in the edition of LA SIDRA of February.

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