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Ten cider mills at L’Entregu’s Uncorking

Descorche L'EntreguIt will be celebrated on 27th and 29th of May and there will be cider tasting, music, cultural activities and sports.

THE CIDER.- On next weekend takes place in L’Entregu the festivity of the Uncorking of La Laguna. On it ten cider mills will participate: Alonso, Arbesú, El Gobernador, JR, L’Allume, La Morena, Menéndez, Trabanco, Viuda de Corsino and Viuda de Palacio, giving their product for free for the cider lovers in a party organized by the Cultural and Festivities Society of L’Entregu.

For the cider tasting the way will be the usual one, purchase of a commemorative glass gives the right to taste cider from the participant cider mills.

This year the party is focused on the topic the Festivities of May, so there will be activities around them like lagionaries parade, roman sports, workshops, ceremonies and rites… in an inexplicable passion for those who were wild invaders of Asturies.

Apart of this “Roman charade” there will be also a party inspired in the 80’s, a solidary fitness marathon or a gymcana.

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