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Steak and cider in Cabañón

This cider mills celebrates its 13th days of the meat on 8th, 9th and 10th of July, and the chef is Vita Trabadelo.

THE CIDER.- Today begin one of the unmissable days for meat and cider lovers. Cabañón Cider Mill has made its 13th Days of the Steak. The master cook is Vita Trabadelo and it’s more than recommendable to make reservations calling 985 407 550. Apart of these suggestive days there is also to be highlighted that this cider mill is like a true ethnographic museum to visit.

On the inner dining hall there are some different “mayos” or apple smashing clubs of different weights, measures and antiquity. There we can also find wooden cider presses, a great variety of wooden mugs, impressive chests, siphons of eary XX century and an extense collection of bottles. Just in the front of the dining hall we can find a great collection of hand carved doors with different Asturian motifs such as triskeles or six-petal flowers. Likewise there is a nice wall clocks collection in one of the stairs of the cider mill.

But there¡s alot more and it’s better to see it than to be told about. So in Naves, Llagar Cabañón waits for you offering both a gastronomic and ethnologic experience.

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