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Presentation of the new Poma Áurea

“We have to be very nationalists with cider, with what is ours” stated Samuel Trabanco in the presentation of the new image of the new “Poma Aurea”.

LA SIDRA.- Poma Áurea reinvents itself, enhances the formula and renews its aspect actualizing it and making it finer if possible. The new presentation took place yesterday at the facilities of Trabanco Cider Mill in Sariegu with the presence of personalities from the sector such as Tino Cortina, President of the DOP, José Almeda, president of the touristic Asturian entrepreneurs or the councilwoman of Rural Development María Jesús Álvarez.

In the presentation Samuel Trabanco, manager of Trabanco Group gave a speech claiming for a defense of not only Asturian cider but also the whole sector from the harvester to the cider maker stating that “we have to be more nationalist with cider, with what is ours”. In a similar way spoke José Almeida, who asked Asturians to consume all the cider we produce, and even the councilwoman have some words of support for the cider as identitary element. We wish the “Principality” would share her words and stop performing their official acts with “Spanish wine”.

The idea of Trabanco Group with the new presentation of Pome Aurea was perfectly explained with Samuel Trabanco: “to conquer markets with the sight and let the palate do the rest”. Truly the new design is awesome and the palate surely will go in the same way. Apart of the Asturian market Poma Aurea aims high and is looking for establishing in the strong anglo saxo market. Quality for that there’s alreadyt plenty.

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