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Prau Monga Reserve

The cider mill Viuda de Angelón is doing irght now the disgorging of its brut cider Parau Monga Reserve.

THE CIDER.- The cider mill from Nava, one of the pioneers in the diversification of Asturian cider and with an impressive brut cider, is doing now the disgorging of which will be its cider Prau Monga Reserve.

In the video we enclose, courtesy of the gastronome David Castañón author of the blog Les Fartures and usual collaborator of LA SIDRA, we can see the moment of the process, truly hand crafted, promising a cider of higuer quality, as rule of the cider mill.

From LA SIDRA we enjoy participating in our possibilities in the important growing of Asturian new ciders, each time more recognized in the international markets and which in Asturies do not have the proper recognition deserved yet. From here we want to support the cider makers working in this way and encourage the whole Asturian society to enjoy these new ciders, as ours as the natural cider.

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