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Apple trees in Balmori

Santa Dorotea fair offered yesterday more than 2.000 fruit and ornamental trees, being the apple tree the most appreciated.

THE CIDER.- This fair of Balmori is getting to be the most important one of the country, since there are many fruit trees, the apple tree is the most appreciated by far.

In the fair there were many apple tree growers: Viveros Mijares, de Cue, Viveros Asturflora de Naves, Estrada, de Bedriñana, Villaviciosa, all of them assured the high sales of the product and the growing interest of the attendees, many of them travelling to Balmori just for it.

The popularity of Santa Dorotea Fair in Balmori grows year after year and increases the presence of people from Basque Country and Asturies of Santillana, coming here to but apple trees to plant in their lands.


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