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V Feira da Sidra in A Estrada

Cabueñes and Solleiro will participate in the Feira de Sidra Natural  and Ecologic in A Estrada

THE CIDER.- The Asturian cider mills Cabueñes –Xixón– and Solleiro –Taramundi– will participate in the 5th edition of Feira da Sidra in A Estrada, to be celebrated on next 4th of June in Pontevedra.

There will be also another thirteen cider mills from other communities such as Canary Islands -SAT Posma- Cantabria –Somarroza–, Castille and León –Sidra Carral–,and Basque Country –Astarbe and Bereziartua–. From Galicia will be present the ciders Andaina Prosaude, CFA de Guísamo, Lagar de Ribela, López Pampín, Maeloc, Peroja, Torres de Moreda and Val de Traba.

The fair will begin at twelve of the midday and the attendees will follow the usual Asturian way, purchasing a cider glass for € 5 to taste cider from all the participant cider mills.

The association organizing this event is Maceira e Sidra and expect 3.000 cider liters to be expent during the day.

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