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Euskal Sagardoa awaits a huge apple harvest

The Basque PDO cider hopes to raise up to 10 million kilograms of apple, which will mean a never-seen-before harvest.

LA SIDRA.- After the Euskal Sagardoa PDO Press statement –which starts now its second harvesting season- the apple prospects for this year are very positive, hopping to raise up to 10 million kilograms, with some differences on the ripening depending on how autumnal the types of apple can be.

In Euskal Herria they did already begin to apple smashing in September since they have quite an early season this year, and they expect to end it on the first week of October.

 The first Basque PDO harvest is curiously prior to the proper approval of it, and thus without any kinds of control for the apple used for the cider made under this brand. This production would mean an elaboration of 1.300.000 cider liters with 115 apple varieties of apple under the PDO brand, now with 36 cider mills: two from Araba, 5 from Bizkaia and 29 from Gipuzkoa.

Taking the chance of this harvest season Sagardoaren Lurraldea presented the events of the 2017 Sagar Uzta with the aim to highlight the work they have been doing during the year for the elaboration of cider and the relevance of the apple orchards.

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