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Cider vinegar pie

This was a very common dish in other times since vinegar was much more affordable.

THE CIDER,- There is no doubt that in history of cooking we find a great variety of recipes that begun in times of poverty but now are considered as “delicatessen”. An example is the cider vinegar pie. In the USA during the XIX century it was called “poor’s pie” since they used products like lemon or lime, more expensive and harder to find out of the season. The recipe could not be simpler: flour, buter (or either pork lard), sugar or honey, salt, water and cider vinegar. Both for the dough and for the filling with apples. From there comes the traditional apple pie.

Likewise there are evidences of the use of cider vinegar from 5.000 BC in the East. In Asturies as it could not be otherwise the vinegar was made from our traditional drink, as old as it and never stopped being part of our recipes. However the different fashions like the balsamic vinegar made people think theyr vinegar was not “chic” or “gourmet”. And that’s not the case, the use of vinegar is extanded among the most exquisit palates. It’s softer that the wine vinegar and in countries like France it is highly valued in the highest cuisine. Besides it helps the digestion of fats, so physicians assess it consumption. In Asturian cider culture we did never forget it. A proof of it is that it has a special place like the Contest of Cider and Derivatives of Nava.

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