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Tradition and modernity at Casa Colás

After several years managing Alborada Cider Bar of Xixón, some months ago Ana Yolanda Esquina and Narciso Alves decided to move their establishment to this cider bar besides Begoña.

At the head of the kitchen is the owner herself, who takes care of the materials, selecting only the best and more fresh products to make all the dishes of their menu. There we can find traditional dishes such as knob with drawstring and chorizo or potatos with vgetables, liver with onion or garlic that, according to Ana, “it’s the best”. We can also enjoy two dishes dificult to find in Asturian hostelry such as snails in the Asturian or Riojan style or frog legs in their juice. Dishes in which the secret lies in the material as well as in the way of ellaboration, which has been a family secret for years.

Likewise rices are a very important part of the menu, with the typical seafood paella made to order. For the cider Narciso chose Sidra Peñón to offer the best brands of cider both natural and selection.

CASA COLÁS, SIDERÍA. Noreña 1. Xixón T. 625 094 479

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