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Rise your hand and pour a cider glass

Since the pandemic began, both cidermakers and cider bar owners have made great efforts to continue their activity and stay afloat in an extremely complicated stage; in this article we give just a few examples of their ability, tenacity and work.

THE CIDER.- Throughout its long history, cider has had to overcome numerous obstacles and impediments to continue being the main drink of Asturians. There are several reasons why this product has remained one of the most important in the country. It goes without saying that it is a fundamental cultural element for the inhabitants of this territory and that it is based on the most deeply rooted tradition; But it is also fair to recognize the work of the professional boat owners who have had to reinvent themselves – a word widely heard during this pandemic – not only in this crisis, but in the very varied and diverse ones that our country has gone through. A phrase that could well define this business sector is that of “adapting to the new times”, so they already had that experience when the coronavirus began to spread throughout the world.

Cider is a fundamentally social drink, which invites coexistence and fosters union between people. In a crisis in which, precisely, that union was prohibited – among non-cohabitants, it is understood – it really became very difficult – at first – to enjoy the cider in a windlass. But we repeat, at first. Asturians soon organize with friends and family – in groups of 15 or 20 – to go out, fight for a terrace and return to customs and habits. Later we were able to taste the cider ‘inside’ the premises; and the return of the bar was celebrated by many, although of course, with its corresponding separation to maintain the safety distance.


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