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Eris, the brut by Fonciello

Eris is a natural beverage elaborated with different varieties of cider in their optimal point of acidity and fermented in chestnut oak.

This kind of high quality brut cider due to its low graduation (5,5º)  and its fine bubbles, fancies everyone. It has both a fresh taste full of frutal scents. Not to forget that it comes from a crafted and natural product as our cider.

Tasting notes
At first sight we can see its cleanliness and golden yellow color with fine and uniform bubbles. In nose it reminds the primal smell of apple, fresh, with some floral and fruity notes.

In mouth it has an interesting taxture, dry and spicy due to the carbonic, with a balanced acidity that contributes to the freshness that enhances the other smells.  It’s reccomended

ellu doráu rellumante con borbolles fines y uniformes. Al golfatu evoca arumes primarios procedentes de la mazana, frescos, con daqué floral y afrutiao.
Al gustu destaca la so testura, seco y punzante por mor del carbónicu, que cola so equillibrada acidez contribúi a un másimu frescor que da puxu al restu d’arumes. It is advisable to consume at a temperature between 5 and 7ºC.

FONCIELLO CIDER MILL. Fonciello, Siero. T. 985 740 724

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