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Today talk: ‘The woman in the cider world

A conference by Yolanda Trabanco within the activities of the Xixón’s Natural Cider Festival

THE CIDER.- At one in the afternoon Yolanda Trabanco, director of marketing and sales of Sidra Trabanco, will take a tour of the role of women in this traditionally masculine sector and will address the challenges they face today.

The place will be the Plaza Mayor of Xixón and this conference is part of the activities that are being carried out within the Festival of the Natural Cider of Xixón. Yolanda Trabanco belongs to the fourth generation of this family that has been producing cider since 1925 and is today a national and international reference.

Thus, the director will take a tour of her family’s history from her great-grandmother Orencia, woman of the founder of the family company Emilio Trabanco until today, where a good part of Sidra Trabanco’s leadership positions are held by women.

Yolanda Trabanco will also highlight the figure of women from the cider environment as spacers, oenologists and chigreras and explain how the consumption of cider by women has changed. With her intervention, the sales manager of Sidra Trabanco wants to pay tribute to the women of the cider and inspire future generations to continue advancing on equal terms.

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