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Presenting “having ciders”

The book that confirms the multiple realities of the Asturian Sidrera Culture

LA SIDRA.- The headquarters of the CR DOP Sidra de Asturias welcomed yesterday the presentation of the first edition of ‘De Sidras’, a collective book published by the Association of Creators, Writers, Musicians and Artists (Alternatives), and which has the collaboration of the Regulating Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Sidra de Asturies. A total of 24 Asturian writers participate in the book, and the artist Mario Cervero has been commissioned to design the cover and the illustrations collected in it. Tino Cortina, President of the PDO Cider of Asturias, has been the author of the prologue.

The poems and stories contained in the book address Asturian cider from different approaches. The book begins with poems by Gema Fernández Martínez, Natalia Menéndez, Esperanza Medina, Santiago García-Castañón, Emma Cabal Sánchez and David Suárez Suarón, with an episode of transition in the form of poetic prose of Elisa Torreira, to delve into the narrative of hand of Lauren García, Ceferino Montañés Sánchez, Manuel Herrero Montoto, Dani Tritón, Josefina Velasco, Virginia Gil Torrijos, Luis Arias Argüelles-Meres, Javier F. Granda, Jose Yebra, Marcelo García, Manolo D. Abad, David Orihuela, Ana García of Loza, Raúl de la Cruz-Linacero, Alegría Blanc, Santiago Bertault and Juan Carlos Suárez.

Through the literary texts, the different realities of the Asturian cider culture are verified, from the references to the origin of the apple and the pumaradas, to the llagar or cider mill, to the cider pouring, going through the forms of consumption in society, the celebrations and celebrations in the that cider is present. A drink that defines the most traditional Asturian spirit but also the meetings and the commensality, the own gastronomy and the festive spirit.

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