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The first Casina breed ox in El Ferroviario

The emblematic cider mill of Uviéu located on Gascona Street offers this product, which is part of a project to recover a “millenary tradition”

LA SIDRA.- 100% casina beef and can be tasted at Gascona de Uviéu street. El Ferroviario Chigre-Espicheru reinforces its commitment to the first quality Asturian product with a unique Casina beef stew, native to Asturies.

It is the first time that you can taste an ox of this breed, within an ambitious project that aims to recover a thousand-year-old tradition and a way of working the Asturian mountains as it has done since always. It is an animal that has been slaughtered on October 19 and that after a maturation of 55 days has given rise to 415 kilograms of meat that can already be tasted in El Ferroviario.

In the Natural Park of Redes at 1,300 meters of altitude the oxen of this breed are bred. An idyllic natural environment between fountains and natural forests where livestock grows in total freedom, well cared for and fed. Every year, the breeder Diego Aladro travels a fifteen kilometer route between Campu Casu and the port of the Capiella Valley to take his oxen to the interior of the Natural Park, since the philosophy of his upbringing is that they live in an ecological way in freedom in the mountains Ferroviario joins this project to make its customers enjoy the roots of Asturian nature in every bite.

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