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Solidary espicha in Tierra Astur Xixón

The Siloé Foundation will be the NGO beneficiary of the funds that are collected in the solidarity charity organized for next December 12 at 3:30 p.m. by Tierra Astur Xixón and Banco Santander.

LA SIDRA.- The objective of the espicha is to raise more than 7,000 euros for the purchase of tickets for the espicha and also for the purchase of tickets for row zero, in addition to the solidary auction that will begin once the espicha is finished.

The Siloé Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Xixón, is dedicated to caring for people in situations of vulnerability or in need, especially minors and youth at social risk, people with intellectual disabilities, inmates, refugees , immigrants and patients with chronic clinical pathologies that can generate social exclusion.

The menu that will be offered during the solidarity show will start with Tinéu IGP choscu and Tres Oscos cheese. In the main courses, the cider bar Tierra Astur Espiches will offer an Asturian fabada with pork products made with Faba Asturiana PGI, dish followed by an Asturian IGP veal stewed in the traditional style.

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