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XV LA SIDRA Photography Contest

They say that a contest shows its maturity when it celebrates ten editions, and when it already celebrates fifteen it is a consolidated contest, thanks to the support of Llagar JR and the collaboration of Fundación Asturies XXI and the Asemeyando photographic association

LA SIDRA.- This is the case of the La Sidra Photography Contest, which in this edition meets that number.

A contest that has been a pioneer and continues to be a pioneer in the promotion of cider, apples and cider culture, that eternal candidate for Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and that this contest undoubtedly helps to disseminate.

In the contest we have seen all kinds of photographs: documentary, artistic, experimental, creative…

From a first edition in which few people participated, mostly locals and readers of this magazine, to the one in which almost 200 photographers have participated with almost 600 photos from 28 different countries.

This change has undoubtedly been due to the fact that the contest has adopted the regulations and sponsorship of the Spanish Photography Confederation, and is carried out through an online platform, which is a guarantee of rigor in the decisions of the jury, and of ease access to users.

Other of its main characteristics is the free participation, and respect for the copyright of the participants, respecting all recognized ethical standards, and even increasing them in defense of the participants.

The jury is always made up of people of recognized worth in the field of photography, cider and Asturian culture.

We want to encourage you to participate, develop your capacity for observation and creativity. One of the main characteristics that define a good photograph is the knowledge of the subject that the photographer has, and surely you have a lot of that.


free registration

Theme: Cider and apple

Registration: The photographs will be sent in digital format to the address

Technical characteristics: The images must be sent in compressed JPG format, with a minimum height of 5,000 pixels and a maximum of 9,000, a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum weight of 6 megabytes.

Prizes for those who choose the photographs are:

Winning image endowed with €700 in cash, CEF gold medal
1st runner-up endowed with €200 in cash, CEF silver medal
2nd second prize endowed with €100 in cash, CEF bronze medal
Special mention “JR Cider” endowed with 100 euros and two boxes of JR cider (to be picked up at the cider by the winner)

Key dates

Reception of works: from November 23, 2022 to March 1, 2023.
Publication of the jury’s decision: from March 12, 2023.
Awards ceremony: from March 13, 2023



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