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Llan de Cubel and Hevia, ambassadors of Asturies at the FIL

Yesterday, October 11, one of the strongest performances in its program took place within the An Oriant Interceltic Festival (Lorient), both for the Asturian and international public.

Rarely does one have the opportunity to see Asturian artists of the weight of Hevia and Llan de Cubel on the same stage, and the public was able to appreciate it with palpable enthusiasm.

The well-known bagpiper José Ángel Hevia Velasco together with his sister Mª José Hevia with the rest of the musical group have been outstanding at the L’Amphi in the Breton capital of Lorient in a concert as long-awaited as colorful. In the performance not only have they played their greatest hits but they have also dedicated one of them to the previous organizer of this Interceltic Festival, Lisardo Lombardía, to whom we should all give thanks for so many years of such good work and for what he has received a thunderous applause  that he does not get to pay everything that Asturies and the folk world in general owes to this man. In any case, the best part of the performance has been the combination of the Hevia brothers together with the Banda Gaites Llacín in a show of lights, sound, a standing audience and clapping their hands that sends a shiver down the spine, literally.

After the vibrant performance of Hevia in which the public could not help but go out to dance the xiringuelu of Naves, it was the turn of the Llan de Cubel , returning to the stage after the tragic absence of their musician and partner Elías García.

An emotional as well as joyous and danceable concert in which the new album has had a special weight without failing to return to his greatest hits such as the singing of l´ayerán que perdió la guerra or llonxana. Traditional rhythms with their masterful arrangements, vertiginous violin rhythms and melodies that encourage even the most clumsy to dance.

We will talk about Llan de Cubel more slowly and with time in the next edition of LA SIDRA in which an interview with its members will appear.

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