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Les Neñes cider bar

This cider bar from Xixón, located in the neighborhood of El Coto and run by Tania García and Noemí Menéndez since the end of last year, has managed to win over its clientele thanks to its good cuisine and the enthusiasm, passion and dedication of its owners.

LA SIDRA.- The neighborhood of El Coto has a new reference cider bar, Les Neñes. A business, located on Avelino González Mallada Street, where they are reflected to perfection, the spirit, passion and dedication that, every day, put Tania García, 21, and Noemí Menéndez, 25. They in spite of their youth, have ten years of experience in different local restaurants in the area, which made them choose to settle in the neighborhood. In addition, the idea of ​​Noemí is to participate in the next Official Championship of Cider Pourers of Asturies, since this year it could only be presented to the Xixón contest.

They have been open for a short time, but for now, “we are very happy with how people are responding and we are already starting to have a stable clientele, which, in two months, is difficult to achieve”. One of its keys, apart from the kindness and professionalism that they transmit, is in the cuisine. Based on traditional dishes, they have conquered the guests. But if there is something that stands out in its exquisite menu, are its cachopos, from the traditional ham and cheese, through the jerky and goat cheese, to the cachopo “Les Neñes”, consisting of ham, blue cheese, piquillo peppers, asparagus and caramelized onion. To all this gastronomic offer, we must add their daily menu and their special weekend menus, in which they have begun to introduce typical dishes from other bordering regions, such as Maragato stew. The idea of ​​changing the menus a little, as Tania points out, was the cook, who “is very creative and she came up with the idea to could offer something different”.


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