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Cienfuegos will offer the talk “Mieres’ kitchen as a contribution to the Asturian Gastronomy”

It will take place at the House of Culture of Mieres del Camín on Thursday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m.
LA SIDRA.- The cultural program of the year 2019 The municipality of Mieres comes to the load of activities and includes novel appointments and deeply linked to the roots and history of the council. This is the case of the conference cycle “Flavors of Mieres”, an initiative that was born with the aim of enhancing and promoting the rich and varied gastronomic heritage of the council, the use of an approach to the gastronomic history of Mieres and stoking the importance and the Contribution of traditional cuisine to the culinary world. To put in value the existing resources in Mieres in the gastronomic field, highlight the role of women cooks in the kitchen in general and promote a possible economic source of diversification for the concept aimed at the service sector, some of the objectives of this proposal, which It starts on Thursday, January 10, with Marcos Cienfuegos, chef and author of the work on the Mieres Kitchen, which will offer a conference entitled “La Cocina de Mieres as a contribution to Asturian Gastronomy”.It will be at the House of Culture, from 7 pm. An unmissable event in which Cienfuegos becomes a place of research and recovery of the Kitchen of Mieres, in a way to record their main dishes and recipes and the origin of them, without forgetting its protagonists, ie Its famous guisanderas and mondongueras. The impact of our kitchen, both in the know how in the doing, in the kitchen, as well as in the other theme of the conference. mierense, through the Board of Initiatives and Promotion of Mieres, Mierense Cultural Center and a group of restaurateurs, gastronomes and guisanderas of the time, eligible as ambassador’s dishes of local cuisine. The appointment with Marcos Cienfuegos and his saber on the Kitchen of Mieres will be, therefore, on Thursday, January 10 at 7 pm at the Casa de Cultura and will also include a free tasting of typical Mieres dishes. After this conference, “Sabores de Mieres” continues with other appointments, on February 27 and March 13, which addresses the Past and the Present Cuisine of Asturias, challenges of the future and Gastroturismo as an opportunity for development. of the local economy. In addition, it is planned to edit a guide with those dishes and recipes representative of Mieres that have been selected at the time by the council society. Thursday begins, therefore, a tour of the world of gastronomy as tradition, history, present and future.

In addition, it should be noted that Mieres del Camin is a cider house that is as important as the llagar. Panizales or the very cider Plaza Requexu, in fact the City Council Mieres publicly the candidacy of the Asturian culture of nature as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. We remember that in the magazine 180 we could find an article about the “cider route” of Mieres.

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