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New meeting of Astures in Las Rozas in the ‘Asador de Bulnes’

The group from Madrid will meet again to strengthen ties through cider and homeland gastronomy

LA SIDRA.- On Saturday, June 16, a new espicha of “Astures en las Rozas” will be held in Madrid, an association that has been organized through the Facebook channel that carries the same name and that already on Saturday, June 2 organized the First Meeting of the association. The group has almost a hundred participants and they organize different activities during the year.

One of them was the espicha that took place in the ‘Asador De Bulnes’. The hotel was the chosen place for the members of the collective to congregate almost in their entirety. There they debated and talked about the “pata negra” cider of Trabanco, which is made with selected apple and that in this harvest will be attached to the Protected Designation of Origin.

In the meeting, in addition, it was possible to enjoy the Asturian gastronomy in this place located in the polygon of Európolis, including the selection of ‘El Capricho’ meats of which they have in their menu. The end of the party could not be better with the interpretation of ‘Asturias patria querida’ by the musician and piper José A. Hevia who was one of the attendees, a resident of that municipality and who wanted to join as one more to the initiative.

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