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Harmonizations with cider, Amares Gastronomy

Picture by: David Aguilar Sánchez

The restaurant shows different pairing proposals with eight drinks made with apple.

THE CIDER.- Cider is a drink present in the five continents and every time it occupies a position of greater relevance within the market of gourmet drinks. In LA SIDRA magazine for the month of September, we recommend eight national and international brands accompanied by the careful and creative cuisine of the Amares Gastronomía restaurant, at the NH hotel of Xixón , one of the most recommended places in the city to enjoy both its elaborations culinary, as well as its location, since it is located a few meters from the beach. Then we leave you with a couple of proposals from chef José Ramón Otero, as well as his second chef, Alejandro Fernández. The rest, along with the harmonizations, can be consulted in the publication both online and on paper.

Cochinita pibil: Reinterpretation of one of the most traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine. The starting point is the original recipe in which the pork is marinated in achiote (a seed native to America that is highly appreciated in Latin American cuisine as it works as a coloring and also as a condiment). In the kitchen of this restaurant, they roast pork at a low temperature, then wrap it in a wheat tortilla and fry it with panko (a kind of breadcrumbs used in Japanese cuisine). They serve the dish in the form of small bites and include achiote cream and pickled red onion.

La perla Amares: As its name suggests, it is one of the restaurant’s identifying dishes. It is a plankton brioche stuffed with a squid and espardeña stew. “The structure is a bit complex to elaborate. We wrap what is the stew with a seaweed, usually sea lettuce, then we batter it with the aforementioned plankton brioche and everything is fried holding the structure so that it has that round shape. Later we paint it in bronze and we accompanied this dish with a Wakame salad ”, stated Otero.

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