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Cider, not only to be drunk

Different ways to enjoy our quintessential Asturian drink.

LA SIDRA.- Nowadays, there are many ways to enjoy cider, not only by drinking it. It is obviously not the same, but loads of products are offered to please the sweet-toothed people’s palate.

Villa Melba, by Borines Selección, offers their 100% natural cider jam and a four-specialities Premium pack among which there is a cider jelly made from natural cider.
On the other hand, Don Ramiro presents their artisan apple and natural cider jam. And La Gijonesa, apart from selling their cider jam, offers Christmas humpers containing other cider products like chocolates, Xiz Frizzante or Roxmut.

Cider pastries are a delicious option, sold by firms like Borines Selección and made in Arriondas with wheat flour, margarine, eggs, sunflower oil and cider liqueur in a twelve-pieces format.
We can also find them in a 400-grams round metal box, made following a homemade traditional recipe, through the firm Origen Asturias.

And, the same way we can enjoy a refreshing cider ice-cream sold by Islandia ice-cream parlour, cider and apple nougat cannot be missing this season.

Finally, for chocolate lovers, nothing better than trying delicious cider chocolates.
La Gijonesa offers them in 6-units boxes which resemble the traditional beach cabins from San Lorenzo in three colours, blue, red and green. They are made with milk chocolate, cream, butter, cocoa butter, cider liqueur by Salvador, San Juan del Obispo, and natural cider.

On their part, Monte Naranco add the black chocolate variety to the ones made with milk chocolate, all of them made with authentic Belgian chocolate, cream, cider liqueur and natural cider, by the famous pastry cook Jose Antonio Darriba, whose success has led him to patent the moulds he uses to create them. They are presented in 12-units boxes, six of each variety.

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