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Tasting of Asturian ciders in Japan

This month of October took place in Tokyo, Japan, a tasting of Asturian ciders in the Eclipse Cider Bar.

After the success of the last edition of the VII SISGA and the good Japanese representation in this international event, it was the turn of Asturies to visit Japan.


Tatsuro Fuji, LA SIDRA’s collaborator and owner of the Eclipse cider bar in Tokyo, wanted to show off the great variety of Asturian ciders that he acquired during his visit to our country on the occasion of the International Hall of Gala Ciders. Here he was able to choose the most representative and original varieties of Asturian cider offer. For this reason, he organized a tasting for customers of the cider bar, good connoisseurs of international ciders, where they had the opportunity to taste the best selection of Asturian ciders.

A total of 23 Asturian ciders delighted the customers who participated. After the inaugural toast with Mayador cider, the attendees enjoyed not only the best cider but also Asturian cuisine, as the owner of the Eclipse dared with dishes like fabada or cachopo, which left the audience speechless. In the words of Tatsuro Fuji “we wanted to bring Asturies and the beauty of its cider culture to Japan and awaken interest in consumers, and it was very successful”.

This is one of the many tastings of Asturian ciders and other SISGA award winners held throughout the world. A great opportunity to open foreign markets and arrive with our ciders better and further.

The cider presented and tasted were:

■Sidra de Hielo Diamantes de Hielo
■Sidra de pera Viuda de Angelon
■Sidra Viuda de Angelon brut
■sidra Tareco
■Sidra Pomar sin alcohol
■Sidra brut nature Riestra
■Sidra Riestra semiseca
■Sidra natural  El Duque
■Sidra Extra Mayador
■Sidra Mayador Rose
■Sidra natural Busto Mayador
■Sidra Valnera
■Sidra natural Zapica Buznego
■Sidra natural Riestra
■Sidra de Hielo Panizales
■Sidra de membrillo Panizales
■Sidra de cereza Panizales
■Sidra viesca Panizales
■Sidra 1947viuda de Angelon
■Sidra brut prau monga Viuda Angelon
■Sidra natural Viuda de Angelon
■Sidra natural Prau Monga DOP

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Anzu Fernándi
Anzu Fernández is the International Delegate of LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, apart of coordinator of the translations. He is the ambassador of the Asturian cider at the main international cider fairs, and manager of the international delegations of the International Hall of Gala Ciders (IHGC).

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