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Nuevo Llagar, innovated tradition

The Cider & Grill Bar Nuevo Llagar, a reference by Pericones park.

LA SIDRA.- Today it is time for speaking, and very pleasantly, about Nuevo Llagar, a restaurant newly opened by the Viejo Llagar owners, in the neighbourhood of Pumarin, Xixón.

This one, located in Andalucía St. was already well-known for eating good, not only a-la-cârte, but also appealing and affordable menus even in special dates like Comadres. Their free nibbles variety, good cider Peñón, Viuda de Angelón, and recently Contrueces, and mindfulness do not go unnoticed.

In the case of Nuevo Llagar, in Gaspar García Laviana St., very close to Pericones park, they stay loyal to a cidermill, Peñón, and its decor leaves no doubt: special cider, with good “pegue” (fine foam in the glass) and a sweet flavour that leaves you wanting for more.

In spite of having a good Sunday menu, consisting of three courses plus dessert for 17 euros (mind this, including cider!) we decided to try the a-la-cârte menu. For the first course we ordered scorpionfish pudding: two big portions with a soft texture, served with pink sauce and mayonnaise and a good deal of biscottes, so that you do not need to ask for more.

We followed with fresh fried squid, presented on a slate platter in a small frying basket loaded of fresh crunchy product with salad and some slightly hot aioli sauce.

And, to finish, some impressive Iberian pork: real big serving, though they had recommended it for just one person, perfectly grilled and juicy, served on a crispy fries bed and apple compote. A true pleasure to the senses.

Three diners. Three dishes. We could not reach the desserts. Not because they were not appealing, we were just full. A good excuse to repeat the experience.

Which would be a perfect ocassion at this time of the year, as they offer a special Christmas Eve’s menu consisting of grilled king prawns and velvet crab and langoustine chowder as a starter; monkfish cocktail as a first course; seafood stuffed sole in king prawn sauce as a second course; suckling lamb leg in sauce with potatoes as a third course; and assorted nougat and “polvorones” (crumbly sugar pastries). Everything, to take away, for 35€ and with the possibility to order just one dish. Which one are you craving for?

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Born in Xixón, Asturies, in 1973, I studied English Philology at the Universities of Oviedo and Bradford (UK). I've worked as an English teacher, guide, interpreter and translator. I'm very keen on cider and good cuisine. Follow me on the website

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