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Cider contest at the Posada de Llanes Fair

The XXXVI Orchard Contest,  XVIII Field Fair and XI Agrifood Products Fair will be held on August 17 and 18.

THE CIDER.- The Orchard Contest, the Fair of the Field and the Fair of Food Products will take place next weekend in Posada de Llanes. And, as part of the activities that are going to be carried out, a contest of our drink par excellence has been organized.

The requirement is that the participants are artisanal producers of natural cider. Contestants must bring a minimum of 8 bottles for tasting and tasting. A specialized jury will reward the quality and presentation of drinks. The first place is endowed with a 120 euros in cash, the second with 60 and the third place with 30 euros.

In addition to this contest, there will also be competitions of crafts, orchards and their products. In the latter, participants must be producers of the vegetables submitted to the competition. The quality and presentation of Faba Verdina, Faba de la Granja and Lote de Hortalizas will be awarded. In Lote de Hortalizas the products will compete in three modalities: quality, presentation and small fruits.

The organization is in charge of the City of Llanes in collaboration with the Ministry of Agribusiness and Native Resources of Asturies, and the Caja Rural. It is estimated that this weekend around 120 participants will meet in Posada among those enrolled in the tests and vendors.

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