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An Austrian cider in the domain of alpine absinthe

Austria is a country of very personal ciders. We all know their long tradition with pear cider, but in the world of apples they also have something to say. And more for the custom that the Alpine countries have in the use of aromatic herbs. The cider we bring here, Alpsider, is very good example of an alpine apple cider with the addition of a famous herb, the sagebrush, the absinthe.

THE CIDER.- Some months ago we had talked about Cristallier liqueur, an Italian aperitif made from natural cider, but prepared in the manner and style of vermouth. Then we had visited the distillery and the cider mill in which that interesting and innovative drink is made, with a mixture of aromatic and medicinal herbs, of which the most important is the artemisia (Artemisia absenta), the base of the vermouth.

In this issue we take another step in that world of cider drinks with herbaceous aromas and it brings us a cider that, from our perspective, may seem very strange to us at the beginning, but not that much when we taste it. It’s Alpsidre, an Austrian cider hecah with some of those aromas we talked about, the famous alpine medicinal herbs.


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Anzu Fernándi
Anzu Fernández is the International Delegate of LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, apart of coordinator of the translations. He is the ambassador of the Asturian cider at the main international cider fairs, and manager of the international delegations of the International Hall of Gala Ciders (IHGC).

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