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II Days of the Cider in Carbayín Altu

Yesterday was held the II Cider Days in Carbayín Alto were held, after a parenthesis last year due to personal circumstances of several members of the organization.

The event took place in the Plaza Julio Ordóñez Menéndez of that town and was organized by Peña Milwaukee, composed of eight members, with Carlos Suárez in the lead. This club began its journey 10 years ago, when several kids gathered to raise funds for the float presented at the popular festival of Valdesoto.

Today, the members of their respective families also participate, attending the stalls selling food and glasses, or offering raffle tickets for a ham to be held on the 7th of this month. In addition, businesses in the area, such as the Ricopan workshop, the Casa Bernardo cider house, the Nuestra Señora de Cuadonga Cultural Center, the Handmade Daniyaiza handicraft workshop, and La Pola Siero bar La Buena Viña, have also collaborated in the days.

The main idea of ​​the celebration of this event, which has cider as a protagonist, is to promote life in the town of Carbayín, having in mind to include other activities of a day such as an artisan market or the celebration of a magüestu in October.

After contacting several cider mills through members of the peña or cider bars in the area, the days began their journey in 2017. In addition to the homemade cider presented in this edition, the participants were Llagos Orizón, Furaco (Bodega Somonte), Alonso and Riestra, who participated with two sticks, by including his selected cider Ribayu in the tasting.

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