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80 thousand euros for the Cider Museum

With that investment, the first in more than two decades, the aim is to increase the exposure in which there will be a space for the spacers, as the Casting Championship had been asking for years.

THE CIDER. – It was a frequent claim that was heard during the presentation or awards ceremony of the Official Championship of Cider Pourers. “We want to claim the figure of the cider pourer since it is a differential element at the tourist level” they pointed out from the organization, and one of those measures was to have a space in the Nava Cider Museum.

And finally they will have their own space in the museum center. It will also have the Protected Designation of Origin. Two actions that will come out of the 80,000 euros that the Board of Trustees of the museum has achieved, which aims to renew the equipment. Another of the demands that has also been met for the Cider Museum is its signage, which became a reality in November with two indications on the Santander highway and the national highway 634. This after 23 years since its creation.

On the other hand, it is still pending to know if finally the CIFP of Hospitality and Tourism of Asturias in Xixón will offer specific courses on spreading and knowledge of the cider, a title that is expected to open next year.

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