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El Desarme at La Ferrería Restaurant

La Ferrería Restaurant, located in La Corredoria 2 minutes from the shopping mall Intu Asturias (Parque Principado) and 4 minutes away of the HUCA, this restaurant has been delighting its customers since 2008 with high quality products in its menu, varying accordint to the season.  Marcos Granda is the soul of the place, making traditional cooking together with modern touches, a mixture reflected in dishes like the leek cake, the lower back of ox or codfish with codfish tripes.

In La Ferrería there are different days like hunting, rice or mushrooms, serving always the productx in the moment of their optimal quality. The tripes is another of their most celebrated dishes, small, sticky and spicy as Asturian tripes should be. So much that last year they cooked 500 kilos of this delight, which in La Ferrería they serve even in Summer.

El Desarme will be rpesent in La Ferrería by end of October with a stew of Pedrosillo chickpeas, spinach, codfish back, home made tripes with small potatoes and rice with milk or frixuelos as dessert. Marcos suggests to make reservations to enjoy the menu, which comes along with aged wine or some cider glasses by Sidra Menéndez, its DOP Val D´Ornón, or Conceyu.


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